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January 18, 2010



Mail Ma$cot, the most notorious mailer on the web, has taken their rotation to another level. Now with Confirmed Opt-In list management, Mail Ma$cot has become DP Mailer or the "Data Professor" if you will. New features include onboard IP rotation, more stealth in the way your mail is distributed, advanced bounce management, x-mailer rotation, and built-in data hygiene tools. DP Mailer is not available on a website and there is little chance it will be. Get with us today on Skype, MSN, YMSG, or AOL at eDataKing or call us at +1 513-277-0424 !

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I am very glad about the improvement of the situation in Haiti. There are a lot of people who should be thanked for it specially those who held fund raising projects for the people in Haiti.

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Thanksgiving is an excellent article, I'm your stuff whenever I can



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Social media and email marketing have several benefits in marketers especially when it comes in promotional and advertising techniques.

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You have a big heart because you do ways on how you can help for the victims that losing Hope.I'm sure they are happy about this good news because a lot of people cares and willing to extend their hands to support them.

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