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June 05, 2009


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We spent Easter with Frank’s niece Mary Frances and had Easter dinner with Frank’s Florida family, i.e.: his son Larry, granddaughter Larrisa, and sister MaryJo plus others. Game disney chanell com If you continue to have skin problems, you may want to see your dermatologist. He or she can assess if you have any skin conditions that require treatment…and they can help recommend what’s best for your skin. To me, Carroll Baker delivered many compelling performances in her prolific movie career. In the 1950s and into the 1960s, when talking about blondes and sex symbols in the movies, there was not only Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Mamie Van. selected April/Psyche as the winner of my Simply Wicked contest! Because April already has all my books, I used to select a second winner, and even though it continued to pick April for the next six tries, it eventually gave me another name: Julie Shumway! I'll contact you via Facebook, Julie. Congratulations to both winners! A huge thanks to ALL who entered, and Happy Samhain! Hi Kasmira! Thank so much for stopping by and sharing your makeup moxie with us! And you look gorgeous in your photo, btw ) You know I was looking at Petra Nemcova's show and wondering why there were no models of color and people were telling me I was looking for smoke where there was no fire, but when I read things like this I know nothing is accidental. I wonder which of her sponsor decreed 'no blacks, jews or dogs'? Содержание данного видео или РіСЂСѓРїРїС‹ может быть неприемлемо для некоторых пользователей РІ соответствии СЃ отметкой сообщества пользователей YouTube. Подтвердите, что хотите просмотреть это видео. Anonymous again I am so sorry for not naming names. Yes was was being very very slow. LOLOL. So sorry about that.
After looking at literally hundreds of wrinkle reduction and prevention treatments, Hydroxatone is our top choice. This product offers customers a Risk-Free Trial, and contains all four of the most effective and exciting ingredients for reversing and preventing wrinkles: Matrxyl 3000®+ Argireline® + SPF + Hyuloronic Acid. No other formula combines these ingredients into one cream, and the Hydroxatone® website has testimonials from customers who have seen results. Argireline® and Matrixyl 3000® are two clinically proven and patented wrinkle-fighting peptides, while SPF provides sun protection and Hyuloronic Acid penetrates tissue to keep skin young and supple. Clinical data that a formula works says it all, and the Hydroxatone® website provides ample proof. When you factor in the trial offer, the potent formula, the user testimonials and the clinical studies, it's easy to see why Hydroxatone is our top anti-aging pick. >> Read more about Hydroxatone Milwaukee powder coating She has understated femininity down to an art so we're not in the least bit disappointed that Fleur Wood decided to dabble in the urban dancer subset of the sportwear trend. With tulle ballerina skirts and slouchy marl grey sweat tops, it's the perfect mix between tomboyish cool and delicately girly. Wood's L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) appearance also included daring lace boy shorts, and vintage inspired sequined numbers. L'une des marques les plus connues de L'Oreal, The Body Shop, s'enorgueillit de certaines valeurs : « Nous avons toujours defendu la cause des plus fragiles et des defavorises, et nous poursuivons notre campagne pour la defense de la justice sociale et des droits humains. » Cependant, la maison mere, guidee par des motivations politiques et la recherche du profit, par son implication profonde dans l'apartheid israelien, fait preuve d'un dedain flagrant envers les droits humains des Palestiniens et dessert les causes de justice et de paix. Just a quick note that I am back from RT, and goodness, what a whirlwind it was! I plan on posting a more detailed account of my weekend in a day or two (complete with pictures, of course), but unfortunately for the moment duty calls and I must switch my brain from "author mode" to "law student" mode, STAT. (You do not want to know how much left I have to write for my assignment due tomorrow. It's obscene.) For those of you I got to meet over the last few days: I had a blast, enjoyed meeting everyone, and hope to keep in touch. I have a list the length of my torso of people I need to email this week to touch base. For those of you who couldn't make it: We missed you! Don't worry, when I post my wrap-up you can live vicariously, and then start planning for next year. And if you need something to do whilst you wait: -Mary over at the Historical Romance Society has written a wonderful review of Liaisons. -Lilac at Long and Short Romance Reviews wrote an equally wonderful review, and gave the book five stars. -Romantic Times has reviewed Pantheon and given it four stars! So, you can distract yourself by reading my new reviews, or you can distract yourself by reading the books themselves if you haven't yet. Or, you could something else. Like sing karaoke to "Hit Me Baby One More Time" but that starts to lose its appeal after a while, doesn't it? Alright, someone email me and tell me to stop procrastinating and get to drafting. Like, yesterday. Learn how to craft powerful, persuasive speeches from a writer who has written speeches for Obama and Bush Administration officials. learn more I bought the Loreal Excellence to go in the color - 8 - Medium Blond Natural. The color I got is is not even close to the color on the box. If you look at the color c. I soldiered on with the Shocking Shadow Pigments and did get some nice results, although the color that I used, Tenacious , another copper, was not quite what I was hoping for. I do realize these products are supposed to be bright and shocking, but I would be happier if they just applied appearing anything like their packaging would lead you to believe. I used the (very nice) brush that came with the product to first apply the product dry. I found that my contacts wouldn't tolerate the runaway sparkles from the shadow, so I was forced to use the product wet. It's not as bright and the color is much more pleasant wet, but if you're really into the iridescence, you'll be disappointed that the sparkles are not as predominant when applied wet. If you enjoyed this post, please consider to leave a comment or subscribe to the feed and get future articles delivered to your feed reader.
I’ve used Color Oops and it does have a really aweful smell. It will take your breath away. For me, the product didn’t really work but that is because my hair was dyed black and my hair is very porous so it hung onto the black hair dye. Next time I decide to lighten my hair, I’m going to try Color Zap. Anna sui dolly girl perfume hola estoy muy contenta con los resultados al usar los productos loreal , pero hace poco cuando uso el tinte excelence de loreal entiendase los tintes me da un picor en el cuero cabelludo que es molestoso, me gustaria saber si han cambiado algun quimico o algun ingrediente que me este ocasionando alguna reaccion, por favor me gustaria que me contestaran por que hacen muchos anos que uso sus productos cremas bases para la cara tratamientos para el pelo y otras cosas, el tinte que actualmente estoy usando es el excelence creme color 8bb mediumbeig blonde 100% long lasting coverage y me gusta mucho los resultados en cuanto a color y duracion , por favor me gustaria que si es que cambiaron algun ingrediente que lo vuelvan a reponer por que en realidad yo soy una fiel usuaria de sus productos gracias por tomar unos minutos de su tiempo maria s gonzalez urb villa humacao calle 14 b-1 humacao pr 00791 favor de contestarme por correo por que no tengo e mail graciaaas Powered by Wordpress | Edited WP Premium Theme by WP Remix Copyright 2006-2009. The Daily Obsession All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy | RSS Feed Welcome to my blog and Day 8 of the Simply Wicked: 13 Days of Halloween Event, brought to you by the always fabulous JoLynne Valerie and Amy Williamson. If you've been following along, yesterday you visited my very dear friend and sister in the Craft, Psyche Soul Goddess, and the lovely Lily Oak. Some of you may already know me as author of historical romance (sometimes erotic, sometimes not - sometimes paranormal, sometimes not). Those of you who know me well, are quite aware of my fascination with the occult, the paranormal, all things macabre my obsession with horror movies, and my lifelong study of the Pagan faiths and Witchcraft. Is it any surprise that this is my favorite time of year? We are now deep into Autumn, the Season of the Witch, just a few short days from the celebration of Samhain - or Halloween - the Wiccan New Year. Today, Samhain is many things a time to honor our ancestors, a celebration to mark the end of the "light days" and a transition into the "dark" days of winter, the Feast of the Dead, celebration of the reign of the Queen of the Underworld, the dark Goddess. Mythologically (it's a word - now), this is the time when the God returns to the Underworld to await his rebirth and ascent back to the throne. (Note: Samhain is NOT a celebration of the Celtic God of Death there is no such thing. The misconception was first stated in the 18th century and persists today) Perhaps most important for the modern child, Halloween is a time to dress up, party with friends, and eat ridiculous amounts of sugar. But how was Halloween - or the paranormal in general, for that matter - treated in bygone eras, such as the ones that form the backdrop for my books? The Victorians are most frequently credited with the invention of the modern paranormal, thanks to their rabid fascination with all things occult and the literary genius of one Charles Dickens. You don't hear much mention of the paranormal in the Regency era (and admittedly, they were far more skeptical) but it was around. The first known English astrologer was Mrs. Williams in the 1780s, with Uranus being officially discovered in 1781. Mrs. Williams advertised her services throughout Britain. Vox Stellarum , Moore's astrological almanac, printed nearly 400,000 copies in 1803 and twice that amount ten years later. There were a number of astrological authors, including John Worsdale and Ebenezer Sibley. The artist John Varley was a devout astrologist. Alfred Thomas Story, in his book James Holmes and John Varley , relates a story about Varley, who each morning would meticulously draft his own daily horoscope. One day Varley told his son that he was quite certain something "menacing" was going to happen to him around 12 noon, but he couldn't tell what, or from where. "As the hour of twelve approached he became greatly agitated and walked up and down his studio unable to settle to anything.Just then there was a cry of fire outside He ran out to see what was the matter and found that it was his own house that was in flames. He was so delighted said his son Albert describing the occurrence he was so delighted at having discovered what the astrological effect of Uranus was that he sat down while his house was burning, knowing though he did that he was not insured for a penny, to write an account of his discovery. He had timed the catastrophe to within a few minutes." That's seeing the glass half-full if ever anyone did! Farmers in the Regency era followed astrological rules related to planting, when planning out their crops for the year. Doctors were trained in the 1700s to use "decumbiture charts," which used astrology to predict the course of a disease. Let's not forget that Mary Shelley penned Frankenstein in 1816 and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow gave life to the Headless Horseman in 1820. Gothic novels such as The Mysteries of Udolpho popped up in 1797. Jane Austen, our quintessential Regency go-to-girl, most certainly knew a ghost story or two. She even pokes a bit of fun at them in Northanger Abbey. And now on to what you all really want to know: be there a give-away here? Oh, yes! I have a veritable treasure trove, but here's the thing: the prize depends upon the winner. That's right, you will get a custom prize package tailored to your interests (subject to the limitations of what I have in my arsenal). The possibilities include: *Autographed copies of Reckless Liaisons , Leading Her to Heaven , and Svetkavista , all by yours truly, along with a copy of Love's Immortal Pantheon Vol. One , an anthology containing my short story, "The Spoils of War." *A copy of The Witch in Every Woman , by Laurie Cabot * The Book of Shadows by Lady Sheba * Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwich *The Egyptian Tarot deck (and companion book) *The Gothic Tarot deck *one Affection of Aries candle, custom-designed for "The Spoils of War" by Artist JFay. Here's what you need to do: Comment on this blog and tell me a bit about yourself and what Samhain means to you. The winner will be drawn at random on October 31st! Check back here for the winner. And in the meantime, continue on the Simply Wicked tour with Day 9 at Intense Whisperer's Blog. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Facebook. Visit my Website. ______________________ Reference Material: The Myth of Samhain: Celtic God of the Dead Witchcraft: Theory and Practice, Ly de Angeles (Llewellyn, 2001) The wonderful ladies of The Beau Monde, the Regency chapter of the RWA John Holmes and James Varley, Alfred Thomas Story All Hallow's Eve, the Jane Austen Magazine hey- this is my fist time to leave a commnet :) (nervous) how about the degree of smudging? it isn’t waterproof right? Kay chaired the bird watching group, she joined the rug-hooking group and is now actively hooking a rug as well as neighboring through out the park. Frank had his hernia operation and recuperated. He worked at the Snack Shack for the last two weeks of the season, went to the camera club and computer club meetings and hung out with Boots. You are an entrepreneur and will continue to be in a multinational organisation. You&rsquore comfortable defining your own role and taking risks in order to create success. You take the initiative to balance exceeding your goals with an active lifestyle. Your passion for your projects gives you the energy to succeed without structures or processes in a fluid, fast paced environment. Loreal Professional in-salon texture services are about changing shape and altering the structure of the hair to achieve a particular look or style. Texture services respect the hair's condition and offer you optinal shine, whilst helping you achieve a unique style of your own.
Bobbi Brown, MAC, Prescriptives: Are all Estee Lauder Brands , do your research on the foolishness that is Estee Lauder. No better then Loreal. Iman & Cover Girl : Are both Proctor and Gamble : Again no better then Loreal. Hot fragrance The website did not disclose a full list of ingredients for either products, but both claim that Collagen Biospheres and Hyaluronic Acid are responsible for the visible and instant results that users have seen. The Collagen Biospheres are supposed to go onto and into the skin. After they do this, they are going to expand and plump, thus filling in the fine lines and wrinkles to reduce their depth. Obviously, this needs to be done repeatedly and there were no long-term studies to show how effective over time these L’Oreal Collagen Filler products are. Products Used: Benefit Playsticks Foundation – Jumprope Stila Sheer Pressed Powder – Dark Benefit Hoola Bronzer (cheeks) NYC Glamour Lashes – Black Urban Decay Primer Potion – Sin Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner – Underground Lorac Glam Rocks – Gold Metallic Stila Eye Shadow- Starlight, Twig L’Oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner – Carbon Black Benefit Lipliner – Lush Nars Lipstick – Faux Bourjois 3D Cosmic Lipgloss – Brun Galactic Anonymous (2004) L'Oreal Receives Diversity Best Practices 2004 Global CEO Leadership Award L'Oreal First-Ever Global Company Named. Available online ( Accessed on (01/04/2005) Perhaps one of the weaknesses that a big company faces is the decentralized organizational structure. This is also part of the difficulties that L&rsquoOreal is facing. Due to the many subdivisions of the Company, there is also the difficulty in the control of L&rsquoOreal. This slows down the production of the Company because of the need of giving reference to the other Board members and directors of the Company. L&rsquoOreal will also have a difficulty in finding out what division is accountable for the possible pitfalls of the Company. Another weakness that L&rsquoOreal faces is their profit. The profit margin of L&rsquoOreal is comparably low than that of the other smaller rivals. While L&rsquoOreal projects certain rise in digits as their profit, the result does not usually meet the expectations (Sang, 2003). Perhaps, this is also due to the high-end advertising and marketing as well as the width of the Company. Finally, the coordination and the control of the activities and image in the worldwide market are also viewed as a weakness in the part of L&rsquoOreal. Due to its worldwide marketing strategy, there are also dissimilarities brought about in the campaign of L&rsquoOreal products as to what image they are to project. We then went home for lunch before heading to the Post Office to get forever stamps. From the Post Office we went to the beach and walked along the edge of the water seeing many birds and beach scenes. We got our feet wet and enjoyed the sea air and felt connected to the Delaware Beaches. Hair: Bright orange/red with natural golden highlights, naturally curly, currently long Eyecolor: Green Age: 27 Skin Tone: Very fair with blue undertones, lots of freckles! Skin Type: Combination - oily spots in the t-zone, redness around the nose and mouth Review: Sublime Glow Daily Moisturizer and Natural Skin Tone Enhancer What They Say: "Experience a healthy summer glow all year long with Sublime Glow. Enriched with Vitamin E, skin-smoothing Mango Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, Sublime Glow hydrates skin with vital, nourishing ingredients. Natural Skin Tone Enhancers specifically designed for Fair skin tones gradually add a hint of color to even out and enhance your skin's natural complexion. Light capturing micro-pearls accentuate your body's natural contours and give skin a soft, subtle radiance." It is the world's biggest beauty products company and owns brands from Maybelline to Helena Rubinstein and the Body Shop. In the 90s L'Oreal was hit by claims over past links to fascism, anti-semitism and the giving of jobs to Nazi collaborators after the second world war. It went some way to satisfy its critics with a boardroom change and other measures. Liliane Bettencourt, L'Oreal's major shareholder, is the wealthiest woman in France. Two years ago L'Oreal's slogan was softened from "Because I'm worth it" to "Because you're worth it" after concerns in France that the original appeared too money-oriented.


How would you like to try out your new hairstyle or color and see what it looks like before touching your hair. Now you can with this free hairstyle software Black powder cannons foundry Explore the L'Oreal Paris range with our Beauty Filter which allows you to search by colour, age, spokesmodel or benefit. Join Beauty Confidential for beauty insights, personalised advice and exclusive offers from L'Oreal Paris. The 2010 L’Oreal Australia For Women In Science Fellowships will be announced on Tuesday, 24 August at the Melbourne Museum. On Wednesday 25 August, 140 students will meet the 2010 Fellows at a schools forum at the Walter and Eliza Institute for Medical Research. The forum is fully subscribed. We are now briefing the media on embargo. <>] It's true. I've been caught up in "real life," first with finals (which I passed), then graduation (which I graduated!), then moving 800 miles from Florida back to Maryland where I grew up (hi, Mom!), and now preparing to sit for the Bar in two months time. Those of you who are lawyers yourself understand. Those who aren't, let's just say this is my 14-hour-a-day commitment for the next 8 weeks. I live and breathe the law. Which means, of course, that things on the writing front have ground to a halt. Alex is waiting patiently, bless his rakish heart, for me to finish his story. I've been very fortunate in that career #1 and career #2 have been able to co-exist the majority of the time. This, however, is not such a time. I've only emerged from hibernation to tell you I'm not done hibernating yet. Horrible of me, I know. Take care, ya'll. I'll see you in two months. ~K 4. Before you start to make a purchase, please read/ click the above sections for T&ampCs - ABOUT ROSE'S TREAT T&ampCs sections for more understanding about the Terms & Conditions and Purchasing Method. Definitely one of my all-time favorites, that was Jayne Mansfield! She was an American actress, Playboy centerfold and sex symbol. During the 1950s, Jayne Mansfield was a leading sex symbol. In February 1955, she was. After the season was over we met with son-in-law Dave Blaeser in Orlando and took him to the Orlando wetlands to see the birds and alligators. All the alligators were in the water, but they were still alligators and some were large. I started using skin genesis ( in the grey bottle) a month ago with the pore cleansing wash they have and i noticed this week that my skin is ALOT brighter and tighter especially around my eyes. I dont need to wear as much foundation anymore. A bottle of this stuff really lasts a long time too… I just reached half a bottle on both and its over a month.
Romance Was Born opened the second major show at L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) with an updated take on 80s power dressing. The label found a new level of sophistication - the home-made craft feel replaced by structure and more technical detailing - but the wow factor remained in tact. Bows crafted from dollar bills, galactic prints, and that brooch-studded corset we recently saw on Tallulah Morton were some of the highlights. Moulin rouge dvd Loreal Collagen Filler Targeted Wrinkle Reducer is one of Loreal’s big brand name lines of skin care products useful for aging skin. Loreal Collagen Filler Targeted Wrinkle Reducer claims to provide you with instant filling action for your wrinkles as well as claims to provide you with continual wrinkle reduction. You can purchase the Collagen Filler from the company’s website just like all other Loreal products, however you can find these products in various department stores in your location. Loreal’s website does not mention any type of satisfaction guarantee however, you can return the product to the department store where you made the purchase. We're not yet over our Australian fashion week marathon and Melbourne fashion week still seems some time off, yet the wheels are already in motion for 2011's LMFF (Melbourne fashion festival). Following the departure of Karen Webster from the festival, it has been announced that GQ's Editorial Director for the Asia Pacfic region, Grant Pearce, has been appointed the festival's Creative Director. L’Oreal products are divided into several categories: consumer products, professional beauty products, luxury products, active cosmetics, and The Body Shop, which is a brand for naturally inspired beauty products. Discover the L’Oreal Paris cosmetics range - a complete range of make-up from foundation, mascara and lipstick to eyeshadow, blusher and nail varnish. Discover how to create glamorous or natural-looking makeup looks, smoky eyes or flawless skin. Learn how to apply eyeliner or bronzer. Read our expert tips, application advice and the latest make-up trends, from catwalk and celebrity looks to mineral make-up. Blair, Kristine (1994) Selling the Self: Women and the Feminine Seduction of Advertising. Women and Language, 17 (1), 20+. On another note, I am happy you are so public about your “hair cut”. There are many famous people who advertise beauty products that leave the impression that the product is all you need. We spent Easter with Frank’s niece Mary Frances and had Easter dinner with Frank’s Florida family, i.e.: his son Larry, granddaughter Larrisa, and sister MaryJo plus others.
Women of Worth Online Community The Women of Worth Community is supported by a series of online resources that will offer tips on how to get involved in your community, editorials from volunteering experts, and profiles from 2006 Women of Worth honorees. The official Women of Worth website is a virtual community that encourages all women to share their stories and provides access to some of the most influential voices of social change. The online discourse will feature a new theme each month, with experts and real women proposing their thoughts on topics ranging from motherhood to volunteer vacations to “Make a Difference Day.” Women can also engage in dialogues with others about community achievement and volunteerism as part of this online community. Powderhouse We left at 10:00 AM and had a pleasant drive through the center of FL in order to get to the East Coast where we camped in Wickham County Park a very pleasant campground. When we arrived at the park, Frank discovered that the front of the trailer did not have electricity. Frank was able to find and fix the problem by unloading all his tools to find that one which he needed. Then it was the normal hook-up chores including the connecting of the Direct TV antenna. The latter took longer than usual as Frank had forgotten the procedure so he was searching for the wrong Satellite. Once he re-learned the process everything moved along smoothly. Anyone whose eyelashes are a bit on the short side of fluttertastic may soon have reason to rejoice if L’Oreal’s boffins are on the money with their latest lash breakthrough. The lads (and ladies) in the L’Oreal labs have developed a serum that extends the life cycle of individual lashes, enabling them to grow to <>] We went to Tarpon Springs, FL (the sponge capitol of the world) with Carl and Margaret Morris. We had an excellent Greek lunch and took a boat tour to see how the sponges were harvested in the days of yesteryear using the old time deep-sea diving suit. We also went through most of the local shops before coming home happy and tired. I am most disturbed by the following quotes from the Guardian article: "In a normal sample of women recruited for similar sales work, around 40% would be non-white. For the Fructis project, less than 4% were of "non-European" origin." By the way, I mentioned Iman to highlight another point, not just the fact that the makeup line is owned by a majority establishment, because someone had so wisely mentioned that earlier. I reiterated what had been said previously about her to point out that at one point in time she DID own the product line, but relinquished it because the sales price was right. And, her being a woman and a person of color, this is very unfortunate. I feel it is better to have control and autonomy than quickly pad our pockets. But I guess this is far above your head, since you can't comprehend that knowing actual NAMES in leadership positions is the only way you can know for certain a company is black-owned, minority-owned, female-owned etc. I recently tried out the "L'oreal go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser for sensitive skin." Oh what a mistake that was. Never before did I have such a bad reaction to a facial cre. About me Welcome to Bello Regno! Bello Regno is a dream in the making. A “Beautiful Realm” in which imagination has no boundaries. Beauty can mean anything you wish in Bello Regno. All you need is your mind. I have been an amateur photographer for three years and semi-professional for 5 years. I absolutely LOVE creating something beautiful for others. I have photographed many weddings, children, pets, as well as boudoir. I also love photo restoration. My latest endeavor has been digital art. Something I have done as a hobby for more than 10 years. I have collaborated with some wonderful photographers to create one of a kind works of art. I accept any images to create a new original piece of art but as always, any photograph must have the written consent of the photographer in order to be used. On location shoots are done locally. Each shoot consists of 150 to 200 photographs to choose from. Photos are manipulated to create my art. I work with children, animals, models, photographers and collaborate with other artist. Anything your mind may conjure can be created with the tip of my pen. I occasionally do TF work for those trying to build their portfolio. I am limited to the amount of TF that I can do however. My prices are very reasonable. I’m sure even the kid saving his lunch money for that special gift for mom could even afford my work. Creating original works is time consuming and tedious, something I LOVE. But, in order to keep the magic alive….I have to feed it green Please contact me for any price requests. Enjoy my Bello Regno and leave me comments!! I LOVE comments and will definitely return the compliment August came to play. May all your dreams be visions of creation that play upon your easel and speak to the world. CASTING CALL: I'm looking for breast cancer survivors of all shapes and sizes. I have a project in mind that I would like to take my own pics and create art. I eventually plan to perhaps try an auction for charity. Contact me for details via message if you are local to my area and interested.
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