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March 04, 2007


Generic Viagra

really for me has been a pleasure to read this article. I'd like much more information on topic! I support my party always reading. The video was very comprehensive and appropriate content.

Idea Guy

I hate seeing many Lonelygirl15! lol... no more Lonelygirl15 please

Anyway, you said it right Chris.

What is good in online marketing is that there are a lot of ways on how to work it. Ads are everywhere, and yes, it's a great help to us.


I think two things hurt the future of ads in video:

1. Our first taste of online video was ad free. It's hard to change the flavor now, without annoying viewers.

2. Current ads in online video are untargeted by content or demographic. That can change as the pool of advertising grows, however which video site will users not get annoyed with and allow them to get over that hump?

Ron E.

I agree to what you said in both of your online media related posts.

I believe we're undergoing an important transition in the marketing business. New media and the increasing amounts of polarized and diversified channels have led to a certain degree of confusion. It's only normal that when something is changing so big, there will be some confusion and misuse of it.

Perhaps we'll be in this 'transition' for some more time until we learn that the main (and wonderful) benefit that new media is offering for marketers is the ability to do (what I call) 360° Branding or Marketing. Before ad dollars were headed mostly towards TV and there was nothing more. Now we can diversify our ad portfolio to build and maintain relationships through different channels and needs, for people with different lives.

Good one,
-Ron E.

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