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November 09, 2006


Email Surveys

Wow ...Thats great post,

Thanks for sharing info about email survey..

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I am attending University in the Fall but im confused. I have been accepted into Commerce at my university and i was planning on majoring in Marketing. However i am not sure if I am picturing what Marketing really is. I want to be the one who will come up with the ad. I don't want to make it just create the idea for it. Is that what Marketing would en tale or should i just go into Arts and Sciences?

Doug Davila

Hello Chris,

Regarding surveys--a great book (an an easy read) is The Ultimate Question by Fred Reichheld. Fred is a Bain consultant who teaches companies how to do customer satisfaction based around one simple question--Would you recommend "us" to a friend?

He demonstrates how companies such as Enterprise have implemented his ideas and how they logically tie employee incentives and feedback.

A great read full of information that can be put into practice by any organization.

And yes, I would recommend this book to a friend!


Doug Davila

Chris Byrne


Excellent point on feedback. Why ask for feedback and then say don't call me, call someone else? When deploying a survey the usual rules of good email practice still apply. A provision for "feedback on the feedback" should also be in the survey.

Oddly enough, it was a post on "why email surveys are useful" on emailwars that brought me here (

However, there is much evidence that this kind of feedback is taken seriously and acted upon. I hope that Sofitel didn't pay 100k since pricing is usually based per response.

Chris Byrne

Justin Foster

Chris - I've been reading your blog for awhile - good stuff! Regarding this post on surveys ... I totally agree with you! We have a saying at BlueLine - "Don't automate intimacy."

We also learned something from Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell, in that we recommend that our clients ask (and track) just three questions. 1) What is one thing we are doing right?, 2) What is one thing we need to work on?, and 3) Would you refer us to a friend?

It is amazing how much feedback these three simple questions create. They also initiate great conversations - which is really the whole point.

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